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Centre Cambridge


Joining the NIHR BioResource Centre Cambridge

Joining the NIHR BioResource Centre Cambridge involves donating a small sample of blood or saliva from which your DNA can be extracted. We provide you with a Participant Information Sheet gives you information regarding your involvement. Having read this Participant Information Sheet we would then ask that you to sign a consent form and complete a short questionnaire and data collection sheet. Your DNA sample together with the information you provide determines which research studies you are invited to. To find out more about how we select volunteers for further studies click here.

You are free to decide which type of sample you donate but it is worth noting that blood samples provide us with more information so if you donate blood you may be invited to a wider range of research studies than if you donate saliva. However, if you prefer not to donate blood or are unable to do so then giving a saliva sample is a good alternative method of joining.

You can find out more about sample donations using the links below.

Contact us to arrange to donate your blood or saliva sample.