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Centre Cambridge


The NIHR BioResource Centre Cambridge (CBR) does not encounter incidental findings as we only access existing genotypes or commission genotypes as needed to support the recall of volunteers to approved Stage 2 research studies. Ahead of the CBR SAB's decision to support a Stage 2 study, the genotypes of interest that will inform the recall are reviewed and assessed for their suitability for a CBR supported study. The variants of interest are those of low risk and thus the relevance to individual health is very small. However, there may well be ethical issues that will need to be carefully considered for each variant separately and for this reason each Stage 2 study supported by CBR requires its own ethically approved study application and protocol to be in place prior to recruitment commencing. CBR will not pass on any information about genotypes to volunteers and approved Stage 2 studies that involve additional genotyping of volunteer samples are expected to have their own policies regarding feedback of incidental findings, and it is these policies that would be adhered to with regards feedback to volunteers. It is recommended that any intention to feedback to volunteers be made transparent at the outset and be explicit in the Stage 2 study consent form.

The BioResource will review its position on incidental findings in the future where appropriate.