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The Cambridge BioResource was established to support local researchers investigating the links between genes, the environment, health and disease.

If you are interested in having your study supported by the Cambridge BioResource you should complete the following steps.

  1. Before your application is submitted you must contact the  in order to arrange a meeting to discuss the feasibility of your project.
  2. This meeting will focus on all aspects of the study apart from those discussed at the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) which are mentioned in their Terms of Reference.
  3. Once the feasibility of the study has been agreed then a formal application can be completed and submitted, through the CBR, to be considered at the next available SAB.
  4. The application will then be considered by the SAB.
  5. Once a decision has been made, the Chair of the SAB will communicate this by letter/email the principal applicants.
  6. The decision of the SAB will then be supported by the CBR and appropriate action taken.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

A maximum of 8 new applications will be considered at each SAB meeting.

The deadline for submission of applications be up dated to 20 working days prior to the SAB meeting.

Future SAB meetings:

SAB Meetings

7 February 2022

16th May 2022        

19th September 2022                

28th November 2022    

If the next SAB meeting is full or the application is submitted within three weeks of the next SAB then it will be considered at the next available SAB meeting.

If your application to the SAB is successful you will be sent a Study Summary Template and Confirmation of Conduct form by our team to be completed before the study commences. Studies will not begin until these forms have been returned to us.

Please be aware that we may ask you to amend your study paperwork, including Patient Information Sheet and Consent Form, to ensure that it complies with our Protocol and standards before we are able to commence recruitment.

If you have any questions about the application process or need advice or help with amending study paperwork please email