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Management of the Cambridge BioResource

The Cambridge BioResource is monitored by an Executive Board and managed by a Management Committee. The responsibility for day-to-day research service delivery has been devolved to an Operations Committee.

The Cambridge BioResource Executive Board

The Executive Board has representatives from the five stakeholders: Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, University of Cambridge, MRC, NHSBT and Cambridge BioResource volunteers.

The Board annually monitors and evaluates the performance of the Cambridge BioResource, including project agreements for funding, and monitors the internal control policies of the Cambridge BioResource. The internal control policies include the procedures and practices used to control the operations, accounting, management, and ethical and regulatory compliance of the BioResource.

Volunteer lay members play a key role in the process as representatives of the Cambridge BioResource volunteer base. If existing Cambridge BioResource volunteers are interested in becoming members of the lay panel they can email for further details.

The Cambridge BioResource Management Committee

The Management Committee meets every two months. The Committee has ultimate responsibility for directing the overall activity of the Cambridge BioResource: ensuring it is well run, delivers the outcomes for which it has been set up, and protects the health of volunteers. The Committee is responsible for ensuring the actions of the Cambridge BioResource support its vision, purpose and aims. The Committee is also responsible for establishing the fundamental values, ethical principles and strategic direction in which the Cambridge BioResource operates.

The Cambridge BioResource Operations Committee

The Operations Committee oversees the day-to-day management of the Cambridge BioResource. It is responsible for developing and implementing the overall operations strategy to ensure effective and efficient working and the chair of the Operations Committee is accountable to the Management Committee. The Committee meets fortnightly to consider and decide on issues relating to the operational management of the Cambridge BioResource and to monitor progress of projects assigned to it by the Management Committee. They report to the Management Committee on all matters within its remit, including proactive identification of those issues requiring consideration.

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